March, 23 of 2019

What are Technologies for Social Inclusion?

Technologies for Social Inclusion (TSI) are:
  • "ways of designing, developing, implementing and managing technologies oriented towards the solution of social inequalities and environmental problems"

They constitute key elements for socio-economical development and political democratization.
Over the last 50 years it is possible to recognize diverse concepts and definitions on TSI. Each one of them presents a different approach for understanding technological, social, and environmental challenges. At the same time, these movements advocated for different visions and strategies for socio-economical development.

Some of the approaches that can be included under the broad term “Technologies for Social Inclusion” are: “appropriate technologies”, “intermediate technologies”, “alternative technologies”, “clean technologies”, “social innovation”, “bottom of the pyramid”, “grassroots innovations”, “social technology”, and “social technological systems”.

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